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AMP Blogger Templates - Advantages and Disadvantages

AMP Blogger Templates

AMP HTML or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative by Google to provide mobile-optimized content that loads instantly on every mobile phone, even on slow networks. AMP makes websites load faster by removing all the third-party JavaScripts and using special HTML tags and attributes.

Before the introduction of AMP, there were two similar projects - Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News App. Both of them were platform dependent, which means that they were able to provide that much speed only to the traffic from Facebook, whereas AMP is platform independent.

AMP Blogger Templates

There are no official AMP Blogger templates. but some third party Blogger template designers have designed AMP templates for Blogger. They look good but not as good as normal HTML5 and CSS3 Blogger templates. Also, some of the very important features of Blogger are not available in AMP Blogger templates such as Blogger comment system. In general. you will have to sacrifice many important features of Blogger if you are migrating to an AMP HTML Blogger template.

Google will add the AMP icon next to your search results if you are using an AMP Blogger template. You can expect better traffic from Google due to high click-through rate, but you won't be able to add Javascript advertisements other than AdSense to your Blogger blog.

Pros and Cons of AMP Blogger Templates

Advantages Disadvantages
1. AMP Templates loads faster
AMP templates loads much faster than a normal HTML template. This will reduce your bounce rate.
1. JavaScripts cannot be used
Many of the cool widgets are written in JavaScript and hence you won't be able to use them in your blog. This will badly affect your blog impression among readers.
2. Your CTR will increase
Since Google adds AMP icon next to search results, users tend to click on them and hence the traffic from search engines would increase.
2. It will reduce your Ad revenue
Even though AdSense ads can be added to AMP templates, your CTR will decrease. Also, you won't be able to add other affiliate or ad network ads like BuySellAds since JavaScripts are disabled.
3. AMP is best for News/Magazine blogs 3. You cannot edit the template in 'Layout' section
You can't edit your template in the Layout section of your Blogger dashboard since the <b:skin> part of the HTML template is removed in AMP Blogger template.
4. You can't use Blogger comments
Since Blogger comment form uses an iframe, it cannot be used in AMP. Instead, you can use Disqus, Facebook or Google+ comments.
5. All images must be edited
You have to replace all <img> tags with <amp-img> tags. It is time-consuming if you have too many images on your blog.
6. All iframe tags must be edited
You have to replace <iframe> with <amp-iframe>


Installing an AMP Blogger template will increase your blog traffic and load speed, but it will affect the look and feel of your blogger blog badly. Also, you will have to edit most of your posts to migrate to an AMP Blogger template and yet, it is not officially supported by Blogger. Hence, choosing an AMP HTML Blogger template is not a better choice right now.

If you still want to choose an AMP Blogger template, see our AMP templates collection.
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