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Blogger vs Wordpress - Why Blogger is better than Wordpress?

Blogger is better than Wordpress
New bloggers often get confused around the question whether they should choose Wordpress or Blogger as their blogging platform. The next thing they do is to ask Google, like everyone else. And Google will show a thousand results saying 'Why Wordpress is better' and 'Why you should migrate Blogger to Wordpress' etc. This will make a bad impression about Blogger in them and they will start blog with Wordpress, and the blog will end up without anybody viewing it. Let me explain why most of the bloggers promote Wordpress and the reasons why you should start blogging with today.

Reasons why Blogger is better than Wordpress

For those who don't know, Blogger or Blogspot, is the blogging system by Google, written in Python. It was launched in 1999, and it is 17 years old now, while Wordpress is an open source website creation tool started in 2003, 4 years after Blogger was born. Wordpress is written in PHP. There are two kinds of Wordpress blogs - Self-hosted and hosted at The files of a self-hosted blog are stored in the blogger's hosting provider, which means the complete ownership of the blog belongs to the blogger, whereas all Blogger blogs are hosted at Google. For today, we will be comparing self-hosted Wordpress blogs and Blogger blogs. Here's why Blogger is better than Wordpress:

1. Free hosting with 100% up time.

What does free hosting mean? People often think that free hosting means free .com domain name. Actually, free hosting means that the files and contents of your blog are stored for free, in Google's servers, and that too with 100% uptime.You don't have to worry about your blog getting down and losing all the traffic you had in your entire blogging career. You have to buy a domain to get a '.com' or '.org' extension to your blog name, which will cost just $15/year maximum. And after all, its Google, and people trust Google for a good reason. 

In Wordpress, you have to give around $20-$40 a year to get your files hosted, and $10-$15 a year to register your domain name. It will cost atleast $50 a year just to set up your blog, and you have to pay more for getting a good template. Which means, starting a blog in Wordpress will suck $100 from you. This is the first reason why Blogger is better than Wordpress. If you are new to blogoshere and you don't know anything about SEO, coding and writing good content, Blogger is the best platform for you.

2. Template Customization

There is no option to customize your template (or theme) in Wordpress. You have to find a theme that matches all your needs and containing all the widgets you need. Trust me, you won't find a perfect suiting theme unless you pay someone to create one.

​In blogger, you can customize the template using HTML/CSS, and make it look like a premium template. Simply search the Internet if you don't know HTML, and you will find tons and tons of tutorials on Blogger template customization. Or if you have some money, there are many websites which provide professional looking blogger templates for less than $20. 

3. Integrated with Google account

Many of the necessary tools for a blog are provided by Google, including Adsense, AdWords, Analytics and Webmaster tools. Since Blogger is integrated with your Google, it allows one-click integration to all the tools mentioned above, whereas in Wordpress, you have to put some codes into your template for each of them.

4. Faster indexing by Google

Blogger blogs being hosted at Google servers, gets faster into Google search results as compared to Wordpress. You may be thinking what has faster indexing to do. Well, faster indexing means better traffic over time and traffic is money,baby!

5. Use AdSense without Custom Domain

​If your blog is hosted in Wordpress, you will need a custom domain rather than the domain to start showing AdSense ads. In Blogger, even if you are using blogspot domain, you can start showing AdSense ads, which means you can start earning money without spending a single penny.

6. Easy to Start and Use

​Blogger is too easy to use than Wordpress. Simply give the title of the blog and the address you need - from that moment you can start blog writing. In Wordpress, you need to upload wordpress files to the root folder, link it with MySQL and blah blah blah. It will take much more time to create a blog in wordpress than Blogger. And even after that, you have to keep the account secure. Any silly mistake in Wordpress can lead to your blog being hacked.

7. Blogger is Secure

Wordpress is PHP based open source platform. PHP based websites and blogs which are managed by individuals always leave loop holes for hackers to attack. When a blog is hacked, the consequences cannot be less than worse. If the datababses are deleted, you will have to start from blank again. When you become a professional blogger, there will always be enemies for you who are jealous in your growth. They can put you down in a day, if you leave even a tiny mistake in your PHP in Wordpress. 

​In Blogger, Blogger developers does not allow access to server database just to keep our blogs secure. This, of course, reduces some features that we can have, but it has a better advantage too. Feeling secure is the basic thing that you should have in your blogging career, and that's why blogger is better than Wordpress.


​What I said in the post can be summarised as follows:

​Blogger is better than Wordpress for those who are new to blogosphere and know nothing about coding. It is a great platform to start with. Students and those who have small budgets should prefer Blogger over Wordpress. There are many misconcepts about Blogger by Wordpress users, but in fact, Blogger is better than wordpress for starting blogging career.

​If you are good in PHP, and have a good budget, no doubt that Wordpress is better than Blogger for you.
Why Famous Bloggers Promote Wordpress?
Well, there are two reasons for this. The first one is of course, money. When they say you should use Wordpress, they will let you know how to set up hosting in HostGator, Blue Host etc. too. Don't think that they are helping you. The hosting companies gives them a good commission if you sign up for a hosting plan. This can range from $25 - $125, depending on how much you spend. That is why they promote Wordpress.

​The second reason is the availability of plugins. Wordpress is full of plugins and widgets. Anything can be done using plugins. They feel it is easier than Blogger. But considering the other factors too, Blogger is better than Wordpress.
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