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How to create a blog on Blogger?

In the last post, I explained why Blogger is better than Wordpress for new bloggers. Today I will explain how to create a blog on Blogger for free

​Creating a blog on Blogger is easy,  and anyone with basic knowledge of Internet can do it within minutes. 
how to create a blog on blogger

​Before getting ready to create a blog on Blogger,  make sure you have chosen a good niche for blogging. A good niche means a niche about which you can write for years so that your blog grows exponentially over time. If you are good in cooking, you may choose cooking as your niche and if you are a techie, you may choose technology as your blogging niche. It is always better to choose micro niche because micro niches rank better in Google than macro niche blogs. For those who don't know, a micro niche means a micro subject.  For example, technology is a niche whereas Xiaomi Phones is a micro niche. 

​Step by step guide to Create a blog on Blogger 

​Step 1

​Go to and click on 'Create a free Blog'. You will be asked to enter your email address and password. Use your Google/GMail account username and password to login. 

​If you don't have a Google account, create one here. Having a Google account is necessary to create a blog on Blogger and for analyzing the data about your blog.

How to Create a blog on Blogger

Step 2

​Enter your blog details in the pop up window.  Choose title and web address of your choice. 

​The title of the blog is what your blogger blog visitors see as the title when they visit your blog. Your blog address is what people have to type to reach your blog. 

​Your title should be 8-15 characters long and blog address should be less than 10 characters long for better Google search ranking and more visitors.
how to Create a blog on blogger

​You will find difficulty in finding an available blog address because of millions of other blogs in Blogspot. If an address is not available, that means your desired blog address is already taken by someone else. You have to try different address. Your address will be followed by, since it is a free blog. If you want to remove the '.blogspot' and set your blog at or etc, you have to buy a custom domain. 

Step 3

​After finding a good blog address and typing it, choose one template of your choice (you can change it later)  and click on 'Create Blog'. Now you have completed the steps to create a blog on Blogger, your blog is ready, and you can visit it by typing your blog address (

To start posting in your blog, go to 'Posts' in the left side bar and click on 'New Post'. Now your blog is ready!

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